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System Configuration

OM currently runs on Windows XP/Vista/7.



Double click on the executable file icon to launch the installer.

Installation Folder

The OM default installation folder is C:/Program Files/OM x.x.x/. Another location can be chosen for the installation.

Installed Items

Application, Libraries and Fonts

The following elements will be installed in the OM C:/Program Files/OM x.x.x/ folder :

  • OM Application : OM 6.X.X.exe application file.

Musical fonts will be installed in C:/Windows/Fonts.

  • omicron.ttf
  • omheads.ttf
  • omextras.ttf
  • omsign.ttf

Two shortcuts are created when installing OM :

  • one on the desktop

  • one as an item of the  Start menu.

The Start menu also includes a shortcut for the Msdrivers.exe application, which can be used for the MIDI ports configuration prior lauching OM.

External Applications

External applications compatible with OM on Mac OS are not available on Windows.


Use the executable file that was created in the C:/Program Files.

  1. Library

    A library is a set of tools, or framework, used by an application – like OM – to execute specific tasks.

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