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Programming a Simple Patch

Covered Topics
  • Adding a patch in the workspace, naming and opening it.
  • Programming an addition with the om+ function: access, manipulations and morphology, inputting values
  • "Calling" – evaluating[1] the function, and visualizing results
  • Saving the patch

Function[2], Om Function[3], Argument[4], Evaluation [1]

  1. Evaluation

    In Lisp, evaluating an expression amounts to interpreting and reducing its contents in order to return a result.

    In OM, visual programs represent Lisp expressions and evaluating a box triggers the calculus that will determine the value of these expressions.

    Any kind of box can be evaluated and return something. To evaluate a box, ‷ Click and press v or Cmd click on an outlet.

  2. Function

    A  portion of code within a larger program, which performs a specific task. Operates upon 0 or more parameters and returns a value.

  3. OM Function

    A function that has been specifically designed for OpenMusic, and that doesn't belong to Lisp.

  4. Argument

    An argument represents a parameter upon which a function operates. For instance, the (om+ x y) function has two arguments : x and y.

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