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Starting a Session

Covered Topics
  • Launching OM, creating and locating a workspace. The working environment : workspace and OMListener windows

  • Importing tutorial patches and maquettes, storing items in the workspace : Workspace and Elements folders


Patch[1], Workspace[2], Listener[3]

Main Links to the User Manual

  1. Patch

    A programming unit where objects and functions – boxes – are interconnected to build a musical algorithm, that is, a sequence of instructions. A patch can also be embedded as a box within another patch.

  2. Workspace

    OpenMusic's working environment. Each session starts with choosing a workspace, the equivalent of a desktop where programs are created and organized, and where items can be stored.

  3. Lisp Listener

    A Lisp communication interface displaying results of computations, warnings or error messages, and where Lisp expressions – programs – can be evaluated.

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