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Saving and Loading Sonograms

Sonagrams can be saved as analysis files and loaded subsequently.

Saving Sonograms


Sonogram and spectral envelope analysis including Fft, LPC, discrete cepstrum, reassigned spectrum, true envelope can be saved as .sdif files.

To save a sonogram as an analysis file, select File/Save Analysis As/Save Sonagram

  • In the dialogue window, choose a name and location.

Default Location

By default, AS will offer you to save the file in the FFT folder of the User Home, but any location can be chosen.

Loading Sonograms


To load a sonogram, you can

  • select Open Analysis/Open Sonagram

  • Ctrl click on the .sdif file and choose the As application to open it

  • drag the file on the AS icon.

The sonogram will open in the AS window, along with the corresponding sound file.

Attached Treatments and Markers

Previous treatments must be open subsequently via the Open Treatments menu.

If markers have been added in the previous AS window, AS will offer you to load them too.

More About the Use of Analysis Files
Sonogram and Corresponding Audio File

A sonogram can be open in the AS window of any audio file. A dialogue window will ask you to choose either the original audio file, or to keep the current file open. Choose Current File in the dialogue window.

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