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Additional Information

The links below will direct you to information in english. To access information in french, click on the icon at the top of the corresponding page.


IRCAM Analysis/Synthesis Research Group Page

An overview of the research team activities, with links to :

  • Demonstrations

  • Team members

  • Projects

  • Software

  • Publications search engine

  • Blogs and links

AudioSculpt Page
Main Publications

Research engine page :

Articles :

Other Resources

Video of a 2009 conference on voice synthesis at College de France by Xavier Rodet.

Discussion Groups

Audiosculpt and Other Softwares Mailing List
Discussion forum on IRCAM forumnet


IRCAM forum support : Help and information for IRCAM forum members

To get a password, contact the Ircam forum at admin-forum(a)

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