Spat Introduction
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Signal Processing and Low Level Control

The signal processing in Spat~ is divided in four successive stages, separating directional effects from temporal effects (see figure here):

  • Pre-processing of input signals (Source~)

  • Room effects module (reverberator) (Room~)

  • Directional distribution module (Pan~)

  • Output equalization module (Decoder~)

The reunion of these four modules constitutes a full processing chain from sound pickup to the ouput channels, for one source or sound event. Each one of these four modules works independently from the others (they have distinct control syntaxes) and can be used individually in association to its corresponding control object. Each module exists with variant implementations (for instance, varying complexities for the room effect module or different output channel configurations for the directional distribution module). This modularity allows easy configuration of Spat~ according to the reproduction format, to the nature of input signals, or to hardware constraints (e.g. available processing power).

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