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OM-Chant 2.0 User Manual
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The Chant synthesizer must be installed prior to use the OM-Chant library.


In OM-Chant 2.0, a working version of the Chant synthesizer is distributed within the library.

In previous versions, or in case the synthesizer has been installed separately, it can just be unpacked and copied anywhere on the computer.

Configuration in OM

Once the OM-Chant library is loaded in OM, the Chant item is added to the Externals tab of the main Preferences window.

The button permits setting or modifying the path to the Chant synthesizer used by OM-Chant.

The OM preference windows, with OM-Chant library loaded.
The OM preference windows, with OM-Chant library loaded.

The default configuration for the Chant path shall point to the resources folder in the library. Use Restore if needed in order to reset this default path.

If Chant is missing or not found, the path will be displayed in red.

Use to set the correct path, then validate using Apply or OK.


Use the Help/Import Tutorials/Libraries/OM-Chant/ menu from the workspace window in order to import the OM-Chant tutorial/example patches.

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