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OM-Chant 2.0 User Manual
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Displaying Results as a Sonogram

In addition to the audio feedback and the different possibilities to display the contents of the SDIF control file, visualizing the sonogram of the synthesized sound in software such as AudioSculpt can help appreciate and accurately design the control procedures.

An option in the SOUND box contextual menu allows to “open the sound with an external editor”. This external editor is the application associated to the sound file format in your operating system.

Changing the External Editor on MacOSX

Select a sound file in your computer, change its “Open with...” property (CMD+i, “get informations”), and push “modify all” so that it applies to all sound files of the same type.

Below is a sonogram display from AudioSculpt on which the parallel evolutions of the F0 and of the FOFs parameters are clearly visible.

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