Spat Reference Manual
Spat Reference Manual
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First English Edition of the documentation, March 1995.

Update: October 2006 by Terence Caulkins.

Design of digital signal processing algorithms and implementation in Max: Jean-Marc Jot (Espaces Nouveaux / Ircam).

Additional contributions by Véronique Larcher, Emmanuel Rio, Olivier Warusfel, Sebastien Roux, Olivier Delerue.

Software Version

This document is a reference manual for version 3.4 of Spat~, which runs on Max/MSP version 4.6.

Spat~3.4 is the final version of the "classic" IRCAM Spat~ library pending a major redesign of the Spat (version 4.0) scheduled for 2007. Spat~3.4 operates a unification of previous Mac/Windows versions and ensures UniversalBinary MaxMSP compatibility (Mach-o PowerPC + Macintel). The porting of the Spat~ library to universal binary was ensured by Remy Muller.

Version du document1.0
DateJune 2008
Rédacteurs Jean-Marc Jot, Terence Caulkins (2006 version)
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